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  • Considering Bariatric Surgery: Is It For You?

    29 July 2013, by Health

    The United States is a heavy nation. We can rationalize all we like, but in the end, we have to face this; our nation has an obesity problem. We have the highest body mass index in the world, and it’s not getting any better. In deference to that, America has seen a rise in bariatric surgery. Patients with serious obesity problems – the kind that haven’t been solved by simple diet, exercise, or even medication – undergo abdominal surgery (and the ensuing bariatric diet during recovery) and find (...)

  • Tips on how to lose weight quickly

    25 March 2013, by Health

    Willing to lose weight quickly within a short time does not mean to torture the body by fasting for days. Following are certain effective tips can help lose extra pounds and indulge in your daily schedule too. Change eating habits: Cut down on fat filled food like potato fries and bread and replace daily alcohol content with fruit juices. Eat smaller portions of food by taking short intervals in between rather than having a whole lot of victuals single time a day. Include (...)

  • Stress Gets In the Way of Prostate Cancer Cure

    9 February 2013, by Health

    It seems that stress can not only drive you up the wall. It can also get in the way of a successful prostate cancer treatment. This only proves how devastating stress can be. The complexity of modern society has made it difficult for some people to stay away from stress and anxiety completely. With this new finding, we can safely surmise that it is time to find ways to reduce stress and become healthier. Tumor growth and stress A new study conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical (...)

  • Five regular habits that make you healthier

    5 February 2013, by Health

    Being healthy is really complicated now. There are so many chemicals in everything that it’s quite difficult not to eat something that is damaging for your body. This goes for every addiction that we have: coffee, cigars, alcohol, chocolate or any other that might come to mind. What are the best ways to find balance and be healthier? First, you need to focus your attention on the stress level in your life. It has been discovered that stress is one of the primary factors that (...)

  • Eight great ideas to plan your daily meal

    5 February 2013, by Health

    Having a scheduled timetable for your daily meals is one of the best choices that you can make for a healthier lifestyle. It’s not complicated to choose the ingredients that will make your body healthy, but if you don’t have a sense of measurement, all is in vain. The main idea here is simple: if you choose to eat meat and you eat a lot, your body will suffer. If you choose to eat grains and you eat only those, your body will suffer as well. You need a lot of things in order to function (...)

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